HDMI Uncensored - Inside HDMI

HDMI Uncensored - Inside HDMI

HDMI® has frequently been described as a “plug and play” system.  So why do professional integrators get down on their knees to “plug and pray” instead?  The underlying technology within the HDMI system is impressive, but when there’s a problem the system’s complexity can make troubleshooting a daunting task.  How do you know where to begin?  The answer starts with education.

HDMI® Uncensored – Inside HDMI is the first of a series of books designed to take the reader on a journey of HDMI discovery and education.  The journey begins with the basics, taking a look Inside HDMI to understand the different components, what makes them tick and identify some of the problem areas.  Future books will cover the more practical application of HDMI in real world installations (especially over long distances) as well as a guide to system troubleshooting.

Written in an easy to understand, conversational style supported by numerous full color diagrams, Jeff and Derek convey their knowledge and experience while ensuring you enjoy the journey.  Embrace HDMI through education.  Begin by taking a look under the hood with HDMI® Uncensored – Inside HDMI.


Chapter Headings

  • HDMI Uncensored: Foreword
  • Chapter 1:  Why the Hell Can’t we Just Stick with Analog?
  • Chapter 2:  So, How Does This Damn Thing Work?
  • Chapter 3:  Taking a Byte out of Digital Video and Audio
      • Optional Reading: A Closer Look at TMDS and LVDS
      • Optional Reading: DC Balancing
      • Optional Reading: TMDS and LVDS Comparison
      • Optional Reading: TMDS Timing
      • Optional Reading: Crosstalk
  • Chapter 4:  Our Old Friend the HDMI Cable – Are They all Created Equal?
  • Chapter 5:  EDID, E-EDID, and InfoFrames, Oh, My
      • Optional Reading: The Auxiliary Video Information (AVI) InfoFrames
      • Optional Reading: EIA/CEA-861
  • Chapter 6:  Locking Onto HDCP
  • Chapter 7:  CEC and Who is in Control?
      • Optional Reading: CEC Physical Address Discovery
      • Optional Reading: CEC Protocol Extensions
  • Chapter 8:  What the Heck is all of this HEAC About Anyhow?
  • Chapter 9:  Let’s Look at a Little Bit of 3D
      • Optional Reading: 3D Video Timing
  • Chapter 10:  The Leftovers: 2K, 4K, and Color Spaces
      • Optional Reading: Calculating the Bandwidth Requirements
  • Chapter 11:  It’s a Wrap – With More to Come…
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author bio - Jeffrey Boccaccio

author bio - Jeffrey Boccaccio

Jeffrey Boccaccio is a highly sought after speaker on all things HDMI® and consumer electronics in general. He’s founded numerous companies in order to service the industry ranging from engineering to manufacturing through to product certification.  He is one of the industry’s foremost experts on high-bandwidth digital signaling solutions such as HDMI technology and is a regular contributor to CEPro magazine.

Jeffrey was the owner of the Stereo Shop in Boston, one of the most highly respected high-end consumer electronics shops of its time and one of the pioneers of custom home installations.  With over 20 years of sales and integration experience under his belt (with many of those as the top regional McIntosh dealer) he decided to make the move to the engineering and manufacturing side of the business.  He started his own engineering firm, Invisions Technologies that provides engineering services to various manufacturers including one of his own, Spectrum Electronic Solutions.

By working closely with custom integrators and manufactures alike, Jeffrey is one of the few to see the whole picture from product creation to its installation in the field – and all the problems in between.  When the industry started looking at introducing High Definition Television he was on the board and was involved with developing the technical solution.

With the introduction of the HDMI interface and all the supporting products there were of course some teething problems.  The problems tended not to be from the HDMI interface itself but with poorly built products that implemented the interface.  Jeffrey became the go-to guy for helping integrators troubleshoot these problems in the field and for helping manufacturers find solutions.  In order to help integrators find products that excel above and beyond the minimum HDMI specification he created the Digital Performance Level Program (DPL).  DPL Labs awards their prestigious “Seal of Approval” to products that pass this electronic torture test.  Only the best can pass the test.

After numerous requests for presentation slides and other materials Jeffrey realized the best way to deliver the complete story of HDMI was to get it all down on paper in a way everyone can understand.  He called on the help of another industry expert, Derek Flickinger, to help complete his vision and HDMI Uncensored – Inside HDMI was born.

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author bio - Derek Flickinger

author bio - Derek Flickinger

Considered “one of the experts in the industry” for distributed audio, video, communications, control, and entertainment systems, Derek Flickinger was one of the founders and Vice President of Research and Development for Interactive Homes, Inc. That essentially means he’s a custom systems integrator who gets to do what he loves – play with all the latest gadgets.

HDMI® brings audio and video truly into the digital age. With a degree in teaching and a history peppered with groundbreaking and innovative custom installations ranging from the world’s first small-domed OMNIMAX theater in a space museum and planetarium facility to Compaq’s original worldwide internal PC-based network, there are few better placed to deliver the low-down on HDMI than Derek.

By constantly looking a few years ahead of industry trends while at the same time promoting industry standards through affiliations with various organizations (with tongue-twisting acronyms), Derek has been able to keep ahead of the technology curve.

Derek’s shared his knowledge and experience before through multiple industry magazines including LAN Times and CEPro in addition to forming several user groups and presenting at events such as CEDIA, but never before has he gone into the underlying detail that has been put into HDMI Uncensored – Inside HDMI. Who could better compliment Jeffrey Boccaccioto deliver the most complete guide to HDMI ever compiled?

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what they're saying

When we designed and produced the first fully US manufactured high speed HDMI cable we submitted it for testing to DPL Labs knowing that their test facilities are state of the art. If you want the straight scoop on the real facts behind HDMI technology this book is essential reading.

Joe Reynolds President, Nordost
No discussion about HDMI would be complete without including Jeff Boccaccio. His hands-on, find-the-root-cause diligence in the field and in the lab has accelerated countless installations from inoperative to high-performance. His DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program has been invaluable in giving customers, technicians and system designers the peace-of-mind knowing that DPL certified products will perform beyond the basic HDMI specification.

Eric Bodley Vice President & General Manager, Perfect Path
As many of you have probably done over the years, I have often turned to Jeff Boccaccio for expert advice in the HDMI world.  There are many unanswered questions and uncertainties in the world of HDMI connectivity and I firmly believe Jeff has seen it All!  As members of DPL we look to this organization to set the bar above existing standards in not only products but knowledge shared among  people on many levels so that we may have a better understanding of what is going on and as this technology progresses, education will be the key to moving forward.

Jessy Crabb Director of Operations, Metra Home Theater Group
Jeff’s best attribute is his willingness to share his time and knowledge. He is passionate in his goal of constantly pushing the edge of technology that doesn’t always want to be tamed. In this ever changing market place to do things that couldn’t be done a few years ago Jeff is our guide.

Wayne Nicklin Video Sonics
With all the confusion and frustration surrounding HDMI, it’s a good thing that this industry has someone like Jeff Boccaccio to give integrators the straight story and education they need to be successful.  Jeff’s ability to take technology and explain it in a way that any audience can understand is rare.  His writing and speaking style exude enthusiasm.  Whether it’s in his live trainings or through his articles, the listener or reader can not help but be drawn in by his energy and knowledge.

Randy Blanchard Business Development Manager - Residential AV, ADI
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